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FAQ    (Frequently Asked Questions)


Frequently Asked Questions

Offers and Money Saving Updates are posted weekly when we receive Offers from Our Wholesale Tour Operators. TravelSue.Com a Division of A Time to Travel is a Licensed Seller of Travel. State of Florida.



One question we get asked frequently..

-- "How do you know so much about the resorts?"

-- We go on 'FAM-TRIPS' (Familiarization Trips) Sponsored by Various Tour Operators as well as Tourist Boards. Also..we are believers in  'continuing education'  courses and Webinars ..sponsored by the many suppliers and resorts who want us to sell their destinations. However, it is not possible to know every room category at every hotel in the Western Hemisphere..so when we are not sure..we will investigate all details.

 -- "Does a Vacation Cost More if we book with a Travel Agency?"

--The answer is NO..we DO NOT add fees on top of the price quoted to you. We are paid by our Wholesaler Tour Operators & Suppliers AFTER you travel . We often hear 'horror' stories from individuals who decided to book online..with the 'Deal of A Lifetime' or direct with a resort..only to find that they are subject to 'hidden charges'..at the resort..such as resort taxes, or ground transportation, etc. Peace of Mind is Important...and even if you decide to 'go it alone'..we will do whatever it takes (legally!!) to get your business. When we quote a price..that is the Total Price..unless you want to add spa treatments, excursions,etc. at the resorts.

 -- "Do you have References?"

-- Absolutely. We will be happy to furnish any references upon request.

-- What about excursions outside of the Resort?

-- We highly recommend going on excursions..to get a 'feel' of the exciting destination. If you want to save some money..it is a good idea to consider booking excursions and 'extra goodies..like a Romantic Candlelight Dinner on the Beach..BEFORE you depart. Our company can handle most of the details.

Click Either Original Painting Above by one our associates to See Actual Photos of the beautiful Greek Island of Hydra.. No motor vehicles are permitted. When you 'arrive' at the PHOTO PAGE..click 'Slideshow'..then 'View FULL-SCREEN' to enjoy the details. To 'return' to the 'normal' page..click the ESCAPE (esc) key at the top left of your keyboard. 

-- "Do I need a Passport?"

-- The answer depends on where you intend to travel. If you are anticipating enjoying Puerto Rico or the United States Virgin Islands, you do not need a passport..as long as you are a US Citizen.  They are US Territories/Commonwealths. However..every other destination outside the United States requires that you present a passport. We strongly urge you to obtain a passport anyway. Passports are valid or 10 years. You can submit the paperwork & application at the local, post office. If time is of the essence..it is sensible to obtain 'EXPEDITED SERVICE' so that you will get your passport within a few days.

                                     >>>>>>Click Here For Official Passport Information:

- -"Does your company also book cruises?"
-- Yes..We are Affiliates of ALL of the Major Cruise Companies and offer thousands of CRUISE OPTIONS. Including Caribbean,Alaska,Europe/Mediterranean/ France,Italy,Greece,Asia,Hawaii and Upscale Riverboat and Barge Tours.There is NEVER any EXTRA or Hidden Fee to worry about..not 'last minute surprise' when you BOOK YOUR CRUISE with us.

--"What about Travel Documents?"
--Once your vacation is paid in full  Official Documents & vouchers will be sent to you..by our Travel 'partners'..the Tour Operators, such as GoGo Worldwide Vacations,Travel Impressions,etc.(normally payment in full is required 6 weeks or 60 days prior to your date of travel).

 --"What about Travel Protection Insurance? Is it very expensive?"
--Again, this is a matter of would you rather be 'safe or sorry?' As far as we are concerned the small price (about $99 to $150 per person) will 'cover you' in the event of a last minute emergency or medical event. However..if 'published airfare' was purchased..you may get a credit..not a full refund. Normally, if you have Trip Insurance (most of our Tour Operators require insurance to be paid in full the time of booking)..you would be entitled to a refund of the 'land portion' (hotel)..less the cost of the insurance.




 Original Acrylic Paintings  of (top) St Martin (Village) on the French Atlantic Coastal Island of Ile de Re'..and (bottom)..a beautiful sunset on Santorini Island,Greece....by the Founder and CEO of 1great-trip.com Jeff is Passionate when creating visual memories of his extensive travels..and all of us are passionate about helping our most important asset..our customers..in creating the best 'win-win' scenerio for ALL your Travel Needs. We hope that these Frequently Asked Questions were helpful and we invite you to call with any specific questions.  Normally we are available between 9:00AM to 9 PM 7 days a week (East Coast Time) and we answer our e-mails as quickly as possible.


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